Are you dreading getting up and starting the work week today? Many of us feel we are not in control of what will happen, how we will react or how we will be treated. The trick is to NOT count on the external environment, but to develop our own ability to get what we need internally! That’s where mindfulness practices come in.
Be for yourself! To increase your feeling of self worth, you have first got to be on your own side! Ask yourself several times today, am I looking out for my best interests? Before you react when something stressful is happening, consider asking yourself this question posed by Rick Hanson, PHD, author of “Buddha’s Brain”: “Being on my own side, what’s the best thing to do here?”

Consider a couple of practices from Rick Hanson to help get in touch with this feeling of self care:
1) Bring to mind the feeling of being with someone who cares about you. This will help you feel like you matter and have worth, which is the basis of being for yourself.
2) Recall what it feels like to be for someone- a friend, a child, even a pet. Notice these feelings and apply them to yourself.

Give these a try and have a good week!\"self-care-e1384288060389\"

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