\"goodAfter lots of planning and driving, my husband, my dog and I arrived in Key West, one of my favorite places. Getting there almost feels like coming home to me as the little funky city and I are a good fit!

When we reached the rental office, double parked of course, and eager to get the key to our little house, we were told there was a problem and we couldn’t get in for 2 days!!! Finding a place to stay in Key West during the season is not easy, especially with a dog. However, the rental agent was very helpful and found us a place. We took it sight unseen as they were only willing to hold the room for 15 minutes!  We were well and truly stuck.

Well, we arrive at the “historic “property. In the words of Bette Davis, in the movie “Beyond the Forest”, “What a dump”! The door did not close all the way, the windows didn’t open; in fact one “window” was painted on the wall with a window frame around it!

We knew we needed to “get a grip” and adjust our attitudes fast. We reminded each other to be grateful , that we are so fortunate to be able to have this vacation opportunity, that we arrived safely, we were all together, that we were in Key West, the weather was gorgeous, and the place was clean.

The next morning, we realized the there was NO HOT WATER! For the rate this place charged, we could have been in a 5 star hotel! Well, they did have a nice pool, so we enjoyed that. We were able to laugh at the whole situation in pretty short order.

Then you think about the alternative negative point of view. You can raise a ruckus, demand to move, focus on what you don’t have and what you aren’t able to do, and ruminate on “what ifs”. Not a good use of time in this all too short life. Besides ,we would have lost out on a pretty good story!


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