Back in Feb 2011 I was sitting at my kitchen table reading Daniel Pink’s “Drive”. I was home from work babysitting my newly adopted rescue dog who had a serious case of separation anxiety and health issues.

I had to take the time off until I could get a health clearance for him to get into a good day care. Because I hardly ever took time off, I had lots of it to take!

I always felt guilty taking the time. I worked for a small company that had drastically downsized and everyone was overwhelmed and stressed out.

The first day I walked out of the office and left all of my responsibilities to my supervisor, something changed in me. It opened my mind to possibilities about what I wanted and how miserable I was in the job that controlled my day and the type of work available to me.

In “Drive”, Daniel Pink speaks about autonomy. It struck me that this is what I needed, the autonomy to control my brand, my work product, my time, and how and when I worked.

So, take a breather. Discover what’s important to you and then do it. It\’s not easy but it is well within your reach! 

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