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I believe having the right coaches at the right times in your career is critical to your success. Carol has been that for me, several times. She provided insights and grounded perspective when I needed them most, helping me get past hurdles I couldn’t puzzle out myself by reframing my thinking, re-establishing my true priorities, and refocusing my goals. One way or another she helps you get out of your own way. If you are looking for someone who can help you see yourself, and how to define your own path, I can not recommend Carol enough. Added bonus: Office dog. ~ T.H. 2022

I had the pleasure of working with Carol at a point in my creative career when I felt in a rut and without direction. With the help of her coaching, she was able to help me break past some of the perceived barriers in my career and reassess the skills and connections I already have. She has an upbeat demeanor that made our appointments something to look forward to each time. I would recommend anyone feeling professionally lost, or in need of some help to refocus their goals, reach out to Carol.

Also, she’s a Motörhead fan - Most Excellent! ~ A.Z. 2023

"I've worked with Carol in a clinical capacity for 5 years. She was always willing to share her vast wealth of knowledge. Her passion for working with others in need is 2nd to none. She shares positive energy with her clients and she often gets even the most struggling clients to laugh. Most clients leave her office with a smile on their face and a bounce in their step. I am honored in recommending Carol as a personal or professional life coach!" ~ J.T.

“Your insight and humor helped me so much” ~ S.C.

“Carol is a great combination of experience, creativity and common sense realism" ~ S.B

“I got more help in one session w/you than I got in 1 year of traditional therapy" ~ C.B.

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Carol for the past 5 years, and the level of insight, caring and passion she brings to the clinical work she does is second to none. Carol is able to help clients identify their strengths, clarify their goals, and works with them to actively develop strategies to move forward. Clients and companies often ask for Carol by name because of her level of expertise". ~ L.S.

l have actually worked with Carol in three capacities: as a supervisor when she was a trainee at the Brief Family Therapy Center in the I980's,as as a colleague at ICF Consultants. Inc. and as someone she referred to as an EAP counselor.

Regardless of the role I have known Carol in she is outstanding. Carol is a very intelligent, highly motivated person who has high standards for herself and doesn't stop until she achieves them. She stood out as a therapy student, and she matured into a highly skilled therapist who joins quickly and well with clients of all ages and types.

Carol's ability is to grasp clients' situations and to help them solve their problems is also very evident when dealing with her as an EAP counselor. Her referrals reflect a careful assessment that reflects a thorough understanding of the situation. Moreover, her referrals never fail to express a lot of satisfaction about their contact with her.

Carol is a winner!"

Eve Lipchik, psychotherapist Co-owner and Vice President of ICF Consultants, Inc.

“Carol is a highly professional and committed counselor, with a visonary spirit and great passion. Her incredible clarity of mind is thoughtful, insightful and intuitive. She can always be relied on for an unstoppable source of ideas, solutions and energy. Carol’s human skills, high integrity and knowledge combine beautifully to make her the ultimate counselor and advisor. She is an excellent listener, and is appropriately supportive and challenging,

When I started working with Carol, my goal was very simple: learn how to be happy again. Her caring disposition and persona put me totally at ease as her client. She was very careful to learn what I was trying to accomplish. Even after our first visit, I felt a strong commitment from her to help me clarify solutions to shape my future. I was uplifted by her energy! The process has been life changing and continues, much to my delight.

Carol’s understanding of the human spirit, her professional and considerate approach are valuable, and make her a tremendous asset to any client. She has an enthusiasm for life that is contagious! I'd highly recommend Carol to anyone who is looking for direction or needs guidance. I am fortunate to have met her.”

S. B. hired Carol as a Life coach and counselor in 2010, and hired Carol more than once

I worked closely with Carol on a team that provided Employee Assistance Services to over 100 employers in the Milwaukee metro area.
Carol provided the most helpful, professional and accurate employee assistance of anyone I have ever worked with. Her superior abilities in solution focused brief therapy were only surpassed by her capabilities in coaching clients to perform better in their careers and personal lives.
Carol consistently handled difficult situations and impressed all those she worked with. I whole heartedly endorse Carol and and know she excels at any endeavor she undertakes.” March 20, 2012

Karla (DeBoer) Bidstrup, LCSW, Account Manager, Symmetry Balanced Workplace Services worked directly with Carol at Impact Workplace Services

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