\"nope“ “Someday” is not a day of the week.”, Janet Dailey

Do you ever find yourself trying to take a risk? Wanting to take action, to make a decision? It happens to everyone from time to time. Taking steps beyond your comfort zone creates a good deal of fear and anxiety. But don’t worry! Here are some suggestions guaranteed to keep you comfortably stuck right where you are! Forgive me for having tongue firmly in cheek, but I think the point gets made!

– 1) Over think it!

Think about how to do it, whatever “it” is, perfectly. How it better be done correctly. How it better be good, original. Think about everyone’s reaction. Then take a break and think some more!

– 2) Do research instead!

It’s probably important that you know everything about it, that you are an expert before you attempt any action. Don’t even think about taking any action until your exhaustive research is complete.

– 3) Get plenty of advice!

Ask your spouse, significant other, person standing behind you in the grocery store checkout line. Ignore the opinion of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist, who said,“a collection of a hundred great brains creates one big fat head”! Take all the advice you can get. Don’t trust yourself.

– 4) Take everything personally!

If your idea is criticized, pout, sulk and retire from the field. Give up.

– 5) Wait for inspiration and motivation to strike!

Do the laundry, watch TV, do the dishes. If inspiration still doesn’t come, take a nap.

– 6) Procrastinate!

If you can postpone it long enough, you may never have to do it! Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

– 7) Always take yourself seriously!

Never be satisfied with any effort less than perfection. Don’t forget for one moment how much is at stake if your effort fails. You could lose face, be embarrassed. Don’t worry too much about these heavy consequences .The resulting “paralysis by analysis” may disappear in a year or two!

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