Often times during the week clients present a theme; they ask the same questions, present the same concerns etc. I decided I am going to begin a new blog feature “Question of the Week “to talk about stuff that seems to be on peoples’ minds.


Question: Can you explain the hiring process? How do companies go about filling a position?


Answer: This is a great question, because the more you understand about how it works, the more effective you can be in your job search. You can work your plan to get to the head of the line rather than the end of it!


Here is a general overview of the typical hiring process. Of course every company has their own procedure, but in general the company is trying to find the best candidate, in the fastest, most cost effective way. Therefore, the first choice if to:

  • Look within the department. If no one is found, the process proceeds down the list.
  • Look within the company
  • Look at who people know outside the company
  • Manager puts word out to their professional network to broaden search
  • Human resources posts internal and external job postings on their company website
  • Search outside the company for candidates unknown to the company. This is the most expensive and time consuming way for the company to fill a position. They may turn to recruiters, to whom they pay a fee if the candidate is found by and comes through the recruiter. They may also post on commercial job sites such as Monster and Career Builder . Recruiters all source candidates on social media- LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Hopefully, this overview will help you see that you need a number of search strategies, working simultaneously to be successful at landing that great new job!

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