“Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal.”   Friedrich Nietzsche

I must confess; the death of Tom Petty at age 66 really shook me. Not merely because I am a fan, or because the man was still relevant and playing great music in his 60’s but because once again it brings into sharp focus how short our time here really is. His untimely death clarifies again the need to constantly evaluate and reevaluate where I’m putting my energy, who I’m spending my time with, what I’m doing. To ask the questions “Am I making the most of the time that I have?” or “Am I just coasting in a fog?”

His untimely death has inspired me to take the time to sit down and rethink my priorities; to find a way to do more of what I like and less of what I don’t. I kind did that at the beginning of the summer.

My thought was this is the youngest my dog and I are going to be. Because dog agility is my passion outside of my work life, I decided that this summer agility training, trialing and attending workshops were going to be a priority. I cut back on lots of other things in order to make this happen, including work and having extra finances for other things! \"\"I wanted to take advantage of this window of opportunity with him. It was rewarding and fun and something I need to continue to make a priority. I understand the day is going to come when he can’t physically do it, or I can’t do it or one or both of us are 6 feet under.

If you haven’t given any thought to how you are spending your time, consider the death of Tom Petty as a kind of call to action! Are you living with intention or just drifting through your life.

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