During the course of a 35 + year career of helping others find solutions, I recognize there are many factors that contribute to a successful reinvention; some of them intangible. However, in my experience there are a few “must haves” that will help you get where you are going!

  • Find a mentor!

The missing ingredient in my former failed reinvention attempts to start my own business was finding a mentor. After all I mentored and coached others so I don’t need any help. Right? Wrong! The one change that that made all of the difference for me was the need to be accountable to my mentor. What did I do this week to take me closer to my dream???

There are many ways to seek mentoring; directly via a coach, friend, or indirectly via books, movies, websites, seminars. I used everything at my disposal!

  • Acceptance that it takes the time it takes to reinvent yourself.

In the beginning you are floundering around, reading everything, talking with people, gathering and gathering data and information! Just starting to explore. Then you begin to focus more. You know who you need to talk to network with. You know what you need to do and you chip away at it every day.

  • Ability to take an “it’s better than nothing approach”!

I get it, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to plod through a boring job, or deal with a bad boss. Thinking about working on your reinvention plan during your free time feels overwhelming. Consider that working on the game plan may actually GIVE you energy! Don’t look for a perfect solution to this problem. Use small dribs and drabs of free time to reinvent; there is ALWAYS a spare 15-20 minutes somewhere. Take this time and reinvent how you use it.

In my personal experience, and that of many clients, if you do these things, it will work. Be patient and consistent. Don’t focus on finding the end of the road or guaranteed results. You CAN see the next baby step and you know that if you take it, it will lead to the next one and the next and you will reach your destination!


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