Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

I had just one of those small moments yesterday that reminded me of a favorite motivational quote. I had a charm made with the quote and wear it daily. It reminds me to live fully, try new things and seize opportunities, whether large or small. That sometimes good enough is pretty darn good!

Have been trying to get to the Venice Rookery for a couple of years! Wanted to go at the best time, dusk. Wanted to have a telephoto lens or better yet, a “Moment” lens for my IPhone!

However, yesterday I found myself with some time to do it. The problem was it was not an ideal or perfect time. I just had my regular old IPhone camera. But I seized the moment. I reminded myself that we are not guaranteed another opportunity.

So I grabbed my IPhone and took off. That’s when I ran into my first bit of good fortune. Although it was a Sunday, the little Audubon Society office was open. The guy staffing it that day felt it should be open on Sundays, as long as he was there!  He was so enthusiastic and full of good information. Score!

I get along to where the birds are. They hang out on a little island in the middle of a lagoon. Seeing all of these large birds so close up in a natural environment is awe inspiring!

Of course there were lots of people there with impressive camera setups taking pictures. They had huge lenses and tripods. They never left their stations and barely looked up. Granted this may have been their 100th trip and they were there specifically to catch a good shot. But I couldn’t help thinking that I was kind of glad I didn’t have that equipment and could observe and absorb the atmosphere!

I eventually spotted my favorite bird… a Great Blue Heron, in a nearby tree, preening. I stood behind another tree as close as possible.  Eventually the bird flew down directly in front of me! As a result, got a pretty good shot and a neat experience.

So although this isn’t an example of a life changing opportunity, the process of going for it is the same. It’s important to do stuff, to stop thinking and over analyzing and just do it!

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