This year I was inspired to spruce up my plain daily planner. This is ironic as last year\’s planner had lots of bells and whistles to use, but I never created anything! You may want to read my previous post \”Hang On , I Need to Overthink This!\”

So I ended up creating a little vision board , which includes all of the elements that I try to stay focussed on every day. I view it as a compass that allows me to keep my eye on the ball!

Ever since a visit to the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos, NM some years ago, I have been inspired by her story of reinvention.She walked to the beat of her own drum! Had to include her on my board!

“Life is absolutely beautiful if one will disassociate oneself from noise and talk and live it according to one’s inner light.” ~ Millicent Rogers


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