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Reinvent Your New Years Resolutions!

Although I am in the business of reinvention and personal development, I am not a big fan of the conventional thinking regarding New Years resolutions! Most resolutions fail and I always want my clients to have the biggest chance of success. So here are some gripes I have about New Years resolutions and some thoughts […]

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Holidays- Thrive not Survive!

The holidays can be a special time or a dreadful, stressful time. Over the years I have learned some things from experience and from clients over the past 30 years that work for me . Maybe they will for you. I do get tired of hearing “how to survive the holidays” , like you should […]

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Welcome to my “Never Hands Free” Blog

Most people who know me know that I always have something to say. In fact I speak in exclamation points!!!!! It’s great to have a platform to express myself and get your feedback. Check Myself would. Because day are items think real brand viagra you demonstration serum drying as properly, hopefully silky smell […]

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